AED Parts & Accessories

As an authorized distributor of DefibTech products, Border City EMS can also provide replacement and additional parts and accessories for your DefibTech Lifeline AED. Please contact us if you require any of the following:

Battery Pack (w/9-volt Battery) (Lifeline AED) Standard Battery
Battery Pack (w/9-volt Battery) (Lifeline AED) High-Use Battery
Battery Pack (Lifeline View)
9V Lithium Battery (Lifeline AED)
Adult Electrode Set (Lifeline AED)
Pediatric Electrode Set (Lifeline AED)
Adult Electrode Set (Lifeline View AED)
Pediatric Electrode Set (Lifeline View AED)
Trainer Unit (Lifeline AED)
Trainer Replacement Electrodes (Lifeline AED)
Trainer Replacement Pads (5 sets – no wiring)
Rechargeable Training Battery Pack (charger not included)
Memory Card
DDP-100 to Medtronic Quick-Combo Adapter (Lifeline AED)
DDP-100 to Zoll M-Series Adapter (Lifeline AED)
Soft Carry Bag (For Lifeline AED)
Carry Bag (For Lifeline View AED)
AED prep kit (CPR barrier, super scissors, razor, wipes, gloves)
CPR Barrier Mask (in hard case)
Wall Mount Bracket AED Sign 3-Way ‘AED Equipped’
Door Sticker
Battery-Alarmed Metal AED Cabinet
AED SMART CABINET (w/Video to train/refresh people)