Automated External Defibrillators

Border City EMS is now an authorized distributor of DefibTech Automated External Defibrillators. We can provide you with AED technology for your home, business, sports club, or any other venue type.

We are currently offering 4 packages, or you can build your own to suit your needs. Click here to see a list of products being offered at this time.

All packages include:

  • the AED unit;
  • Adult pads (electrodes);
  • A mounting solution;
  • A battery pack;
  • A user manual;
  • a Quick-Use card;
  • a Window Sticker;
  • A wall sign (visible from 3 directions); and
  • A carrying case.

Packages offer a variety of options such as AED model, number of adult pads included, and mounting solutions. Some packages also include a Ready-to-Rescue kit and AED data card. Click here to see a comparison of packages offered.

Note: installation of wall hook, cabinet, and signage is not provided by Border City EMS.